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Inside the Culture of Brave

Bianca's Brave Story

What happens to a child that realises a family is not always the way it appears in the movies? After her parents' divorce, Bianca’s mom found herself in devastating and demeaning relationships. Bianca couldn’t understand why her mother started choosing abusive relationships and why she always relapsed into abusive relationships.
It was only at a later stage, when she found herself in a similar situation, that she discovered that it was gender-based violence. The saying ‘Love is blind’ rang true and she was caught in her own personal wilderness, where lies were being spoken over her regarding her place and her position in this world.
She received threats that sent shivers down her back. The stress not only took a tremendous toll on her mentally, emotionally, but also physically. She knew she had to dig deep inside herself to find whatever strength she had to have her own personal exodus.
She decided to reclaim her worth, her identity, her strength. It was a terrifying, yet liberating experience.
Now she Steps In Courage.
She lives the Culture Of Brave.

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