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Inside the Culture of Brave

Catherine's Brave Story

Ever since Catherine could remember she wanted to conquer the world, but along the way she had some blocks. At every turn, she was told that she wasn’t clever enough because she didn’t have the right marks. Or, she didn’t have the right ambition and would never be able to achieve her dreams. However, these blocks only lit the flame in her belly, as she has always been a driven and determined woman.
About a month-and-a-half ago Catherine’s life took a turn as she woke up one day like she usually does to go to the gym, and realised that she didn’t want to. She then realised that she might have depression. 
Catherine did the brave thing when she decided she would not live her life that way and reached out for help. She is young and wants to achieve all the things she has dreamt of achieving. She believes that asking for help is one of the bravest and most empowering things she has done. It has done her wonders: She now has a healthier mind and is back on track with pursuing her goals.
She wants to encourage others to ask for help when they need it - it is a sign of bravery. 
She is now back to her normal self and chooses to Step In Courage every single day and live the Culture Of Brave.



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