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Courage pulses inside you. Every step you take is a step forward - forging the path to your own individual distinction of success.

With Culture Of Brave sneakers, your journey is celebrated. 

We silkscreen our sneakers with their names on the inner tongue, reminding you with every step you take: Take that risk, make that bold move, step forward courageously and live the Culture Of Brave.




a personal mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand fear, or difficulty.


Every single pair of our Individual Courage sneakers are truly unique and each step will inspire you to be courageously yourself.

Tanned in Tuscany following ancient, metal free techniques, these handmade sneakers are fully lined with sheep or calf leather. The Sardinian cork midsole provides outstanding comfort, which is further enhanced by the Vero Cuoio insole, which allows the shoe to adapt to your feet. 

Artisan treatments give the leather uppers, cotton shoelaces, iron eyelets and Margom rubber soles wholly exclusive shades. It's every wrinkle, every scratch, every color fade that tells the story of the object-dye and artisan shoemaking traditions. The focus is on crossbreeding these ancient artisan techniques with modern lines and volumes to create a product that has roots in traditions but looks to the future.

Packaged in a handmade wooden box with an engraved brass label. This collection is limited to 280 pairs.





firmness of mind and will in the face of fear or difficulty or change.


Our Courage low-cut sneakers are a true classic. These sneakers are designed for extreme comfort. The upper, inner lining and removable insole are all created using the finest

Calf leather. A gently padded ankle further adds to their comfort, while the Margom rubber sole ensures high durability.

Featuring our signature top brass eyelets and C.O.B leather wings, we’ve also silkscreened “Courage” on the inner tongue to remind you to keep taking those bold steps.

These sneakers reflect your courage throughout your own journey to overcome obstacles and to courageously live your dreams. 



being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions or change.

Our Resilient sneakers push boundaries and encourage you to not only overcome, but also become - transformation rooted in surrender and strength.

These sneakers are handmade using white calf leather and feature our trademark wings at the back. Each shoe has been handcrafted by shoemakers in Europe and features a full calf leather upper, inner lining and removable insole all sitting atop a highly durable Margom rubber sole.

These luxury sneakers are finished with C.O.B signature top brass eyelets, our trademark leather wings and “Resilient” silkscreened on the inner tongue.



ready to act despite the possibility of loss or failure.

Our Prepared to Risk sneakers are high-cut, featuring calf leather on the upper, inner lining and removable sole, which creates exceptional comfort.

This gently padded high-cut sneaker sits on a durable Margom rubber sole. Featuring two C.O.B signature top brass eyelets, C.O.B leather wings and “Prepared to Risk” silkscreened on the inner tongue.

Prepared to Risk will inspire you to take risks and make the jump towards the joy of living the life you always wanted to live


enjoying personal freedom, thinks and acts in an uninhibited way without worry.

These sneakers are our expression of truly uninhibited, Free Souls. Made from calf and sheep leathers, they’re crafted in Europe using eco-friendly, metal free, white wet tanning methods. Hand-stitched with the finest suede and nylon features, each shoe is gently lined with soft sheep’s leather, including the inner sole. 

Free Soul sneakers float on a sporty-spirit Freedom Wearlight sole. It features C.O.B wings which represent courage and freedom. The shape of the wings is specifically designed to mirror a pair of feet on the ground. 

When we Step In Courage, we allow our souls to be steady and our spirits to be free. We create our own freedom and conquer our fears.

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