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Inside the Culture of Brave

Who Is Culture Of Brave | Living In The Culture Of Brave

Culture Of Brave is a luxury sneaker brand, designed in Italy and manufactured in Italy & Portugal. Born out of a spirit of bravery, we celebrate every courageous step you take, no matter the obstacle.

Our founding principle is to honour your courage. When faced with challenges, courage is the universal virtue that moves us forward, no matter the circumstance.

We will never compromise on quality, which is why we partnered with Roberta Grilo, an industry-renowned, celebrated, and famed sneaker designer based in Genoa, Italy. Italian artisan shoemaking has a rich heritage underpinned by exquisite craftsmanship.




Our sneakers are the story and celebration of your brave and courageous steps on your journey. 

With each step taken and sharing inspiring, brave stories, we want to encourage you to Step In Courage and live in the Culture Of Brave.



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